SPECIAL FEATURE: Meet the Dynamic Duo!

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Meet the Dynamic Duo changing the game in Women’s Leadership globally.


2015 has many initiatives taking place in the realm of women’s leadership, but one platform and movement in particular is standing out, and people are noticing. Janet C. Salazar and Constance J. Peak are the founders of IMPACT Leadership 21, leadership architects for inclusive, high growth economies. As a global social enterprise, the organization is committed to inclusive and sustainable leadership at the top level. This commitment is the driving force behind their core mission: ACCELERATE women’s leadership at the highest levels of influence in the 21st century.

Janet: Constance and I have a wealth of experience in many sectors. We have operated in corporate, governmental, non-profit, diplomatic, and entrepreneurial arenas. We observed that there were gaps across all sectors hindering the pace of advancement. We developed discussion forums and targeted training modules to address these gaps.

Constance: We grew tired of the same dialogue and not seeing the needle move very much. We grew impatient and decided to take action.

Janet: IMPACT represents the core values and principles required for transformational leadership. I – Innovation, M – Multiculturalism, P – Passion, A – Attunement, C – Collaboration, and T – Tenacity.

Together with our partners, we:

  • Convene catalytic conversations and forums that revolutionizes global leadership.

  • Provide tools, resources, opportunities and channels that equip leaders to succeed in a global, hyper-connected world.

  • Inspire emerging global leaders to be catalysts for change.

  • Engage men as powerful ambassadors for change and a gender balanced leadership at the top.

Constance: We provide discussions forums and trainings to assist companies and individuals. Through our framework, we help clients identify challenges, then structure actionable step to help them overcome those challenges. Our forums are designed to identify, build, and engage business/social ecosystems that are industry specific to accelerate leadership. If you want to build strong leadership, we are your architects.

Starting in 2012, IMPACT Leadership 21 has introduced 3 core programs: the Leadership Acceleration Training Program/High IMPACT, the Emerging Global Leaders Program, and Conversations with Men. The Emerging Global Leaders Program was taught at Columbia University (School of International Public Affairs and Teachers College) and as an academy at the United Nations. Conversations with Men was a featured content segment at the 2014 California Women’s Conference in Long Beach, CA and the 2014 GOLD Symposium in Tokyo.

Janet: I created these programs to address a need seen worldwide. Conversations with Men has a very special place. Women’s initiatives make the mistake of not including men in the acceleration of women’s leadership. The men hold the majority of the cards, you need dialogue to have people understand the importance of gender parity.

Constance: If you examine any great movement in history, you’ll see that the success come from the efforts of those immediately affected, partnering with those bystanders that are sympathetic to the cause. I mentioned this in 2012. We launched our first Conversations with Men in April 2013. We held it at the United Nations in February 2014. After that, others started developing like minded initiatives, such as He for She and Lean In Together. Many dismissed us at first, but history leaves clues to success. It’s hard to dispute the history. We’ve pioneered this level of forum and training for the 21st century.

A movement and platform cannot go far without support, and this couple has some remarkable people in their corner. Constance and Janet are also U.N. Representatives of a non-profit, the Foundation for the Support of the United Nations (FSUN U.N. Office) and both are Observers in General Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). Their work at the United Nations brought in mighty advocates.

Janet: We are very humbled to have such incredible pillars to our success, very high profile supporters that have really rolled up their sleeves to help us. Ambassador Anwarul Chowdhury ( Fmr. Undersecretary General of the UN), Ambassador Josephine Ojiambo (Dep. Secretary General of the Commonwealth States) and Ambassador Edita Hrda (Czech Republic Mission to the UN), and Michaela Walsh (Founding President, Women’s World Banking) are some that have been in our corner from the beginning. Leslie Grossman, founder of Women’s Leadership Exchange emphatically joined us immediately after our first event and now served as Vice Chair of our Global Advisory Council.

Constance: They are our “salmon swimming upstream”. Unheard of for most other fish, but second nature to the salmon. They are our mentors and guides as we challenge the status quo, as we challenge the ways it’s always been done, challenge the seemingly impossible. We’ve caught the vision of a changed world, now we are helping others see it. Someone always has to dream.

Janet C. Salazar and Constance J. Peak are the founders of IMPACT Leadership 21, a global movement and platform to accelerate women’s leadership at the top decision-making levels, and leadership architects for inclusive, high growth economies. You can meet the leadership architects of IMPACT Leadership 21 on March 25, 2015 at the United Nations, convening their original program, Power of Collaboration, now in its second year. For more information please visit www.impactleadership21.com or email communications@impactleadership21.com .

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You’ve got to FEEL.

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Today was a bit of a challenge for me.  Against my better judgment,  I listened to Dick Cheney’s interview.   I was disgusted at his support of torture and his comment, “I have NO respect for the United Nations”.  Then I thought about that and realized with recent missteps, the United Nations has no respect for itself!  It’s so crazy, 

It could make you go numb.

THAT is the nature of the beast.  PAY ATTENTION!

We can become numb two ways.  We can be bombarded with so much junk that we don’t know which way to turn, or by having things happen outside our immediate caring circles that we would otherwise resist if it occurred WITHIN our circles. 

I remember Newtown  CT.



It’s been two years.   Why did I go?  I’m in NJ.  I don’t have kids of my own.  Why?

Why are people marching?  What’s the fuss? Why are people other than black males protesting?

Because they FEEL.

Something happens when you realize you’re not alone, that there are others with your values, beliefs, and experiences. You both become stronger and stand a little taller.

We’re at a tipping point in our societies, and the majority is on our side.   You will only see it if you FEEL, and it’s the only way we can win this seen and unseen war.  My challenge to you, precious reader, is to care about someone or something outside of yourself and your immediate circle of caring today, and take action to support it. In a world that often seems hopeless, FEEL.  Each one of us is hope.  Each one of us is the dawn.   It will take each one of us to tip the scales right.  Alone we are a drop of water, together we are a raging river.

Constance J. Peak Speaking at Impact Leadership 2…: http://youtu.be/106iVIu0NjQ














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Watch “Defining Moments – Choose your Battles.” on YouTube

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Defining Moments – Choose your Battles.:

My mother taught me early that I must choose my battles wisely, decide what issues are worth my attention and efforts.  Sometimes, you may have to lose a battle to win a war.  Here’s my story of when I finally realized the gravity of actions and consequences.


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The Wisdom of Others.

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The Doors of Destiny

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The Doors of Destiny

The doors of Destiny await, what is meant for you is the key, your belief and energy turn the lock.

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Courage is ACTION

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I was watching a video the Mrs. sent me about a graduate from Harvard Business School.  In it, the graduate spoke of Courage.  I began to reflect on the various challenges I’ve come across and how Courage played a part.  There were countless times I was told I’d lose the ability to walk, but Courage changed that.  I remember the evil that was pervasive in my old career, but Courage got me through, and even got my job back.  I recall fighting my introversion (still do) in speaking to people, but Courage made a way and allowed me to make a difference in my life and others.  

Simply put, Courage is the belief in a transformation, then taking ACTION to make it so.    

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When I was in Prison…

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Image  This is a happy story.  Really.

Some of you know that I worked in the only women’s correctional faclity for the State of New Jersey. For roughly 10 years, approximately 85% of women sentenced to state prison entered through my housing unit as the Reception Officer.  It was challenging and stressful many times.  During my tenure, I found a few allies.  One in particular was Nurse Jen.  We were of similar age and shared good humor.  More importantly, we shared a subversive attitude of social justice, quite scandalous in such an environment.  In such a negative, draining realm, we worked, laughed, and conspired for good, together.

While I was getting fired, Nurse Jen was giving birth.  That was 1998.  When I returned in 1999, I found out my dear friend had retired.  I never saw her after that.

Two days ago, I woke up in excruciating pain, my left arm swollen and hot to the touch.  I am used to my normal chronic pain, but this was above and beyond.  I tried to push past it, but  the pain in my left elbow and shoulder was unbearable.  I knew I had damaged something, this was the same pain when I fell during a martial arts tournament (I won the match).  Ice and Aleve did not work, my ortho was not available until later in the week.  For the first time in many years, I had to go to the emergency room.

The emergency room was rather vacant and quiet, and I was ushered along quickly.  They did my intake and escorted me to a room, with the Mrs. at my side.  As we were talking, I heard a familiar voice, then saw a very familiar smile:  Nurse Jen!!!!  For a moment, the pain took a back seat as my old friend and support entered the room.  15 years had passed, but the happiness of seeing each other was just as great.   The stars aligned, this was no coincidence.

Let me speak about the Law of Attraction.  Jen Myers is also an inspirational speaker, focusing on the Law of Attraction.  She speaks on positivity and how it draws people to you.  She asked me what I do now (smile).  Imagine, two people in such a dismal space, lifting each other up and then those around us.  15 years later, taking the ball and running with it, we walked our talk.  My dear friend had her share of heartbreak, I knew some of her lemons.  She is KINTSUKUROI.  She is also proof of how positive energy will always find its kind.  In this case, a reconnect of sisterhood.

Diagnosis:  I tore the tendons, a bad case of tennis elbow.   I still don’t know how I did it.  Hurts like hell, but I’ll be alright in a few months.

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