Quick tip to energize versus sabotage your day.

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Quick tip to energize versus sabotage your day..


Join Jenny Craig today as she shares tips for an upgraded you!


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A Slip of the Tongue…

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Auto correct.   Sometimes the messages are shocking.  Please people, check your messages and make sure of what you want to convey.


A dear beloved friend and I were exchanging emails.  I said jokingly,  “I couldn’t keep Janet (my wife) locked in a basement (right?)”.  She replied, “No, you cannot LICK Janet in the basement, but the bedroom is another story.”.

Scandalous auto correct.

After screaming and bursting into laughter, I wrote back and informed her of the typo, knowing she must have meant LOCK. Her next two words took scandal from the frying pan into the fire.

“Freudian slip.”

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Yeah, But Did You See the Juggling Penguin?

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Have you ever done the “Brain Game” test where you count how many times a team bounces a ball within a circle?  You are diligent in counting those bounces and at the end, you give an answer that is close or spot on.  The next question from the tester is, “Did you see the Juggling Penguin?”.  Say what?  Then the tester replays the video and sure enough, there is a Juggling Penguin that walks on set,  juggling, even waving to the camera, then walks offscreen.  How could we not notice that?  Sometimes, we focus so much on one thing, we miss Giant Juggling Penguins right in our face.wpid-img-20140524-wa0002.jpg

Recenty, I’ve met some amazing women and have embarked on a wonderful exploration with them.  My day started with a laugh and updates from Annie Lim, then a beautiful and moving video from Sahar Paz.  Next was a reconnect and update with Jenny Craig (Live Your Power, not the diet!) and settling my day with Ladina Greenwell.  As Ladina and I discussed motorcycles and crashing them (I lo-sided, she hi-sided OUCH), we touched on spirituality. Ready to roll! What Ladina said stopped me in my tracks, I got a chill, then a startling reminder 27 years in slumber.

When I was in college, both of my parents fell ill.  It was an incredibly stressful time and I remember being in a dark place most of, but not all of the time.  Talking to Ladina showed me that in telling my story, I missed Cindy.

Cindy was the Juggling Penguin.

In my despair, I did have support, friendship, and a beacon of positive energy.  Cindy was a free spirit, a hippie-chick, and I started to remember how I would feel when she walked into a room.  Everyone smiled with her, she always brought a calmness of spirit.  I remembered that she did reveal some of her challenges and how she addressed them.  Now I realize 27 years later that I’ve incorporated the lessons she shared with me.  Cindy was there all along, my Juggling Penguin, my light in the darkness.

How many times have the wings of angels brushed up against us?  How many times will we, being carried by those wings, brush against another’s life?  Honestly, we’ll never truly know.  Keep your mind open and know we all have blind spots, moments we don’t fully comprehand especially under stress.  Perseverance often comes at the hands of a Juggling Penguin.

juggling penguin

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EVERYTHING is Just a Conversation Away…

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You can meet a person for a moment and be drawn to them.  It’s a wonderful feeling as an adult, transporting you to a simpler space and time when saying hello was not complicated.

I met so many great people this past week at the California Women’s Conference.  One person I met and I’m learning more about is Sahar Paz.  We have traveled separate paths, but converged this week to realize our mission of helping others is side by side.  The Fashionista’s (I caught your style, Honey) backstory is heartbreaking, but she found how to deal with her lemons and make sweet, refreshing lemonade.  Sahar, this Lioness salutes you and your courage.  Thank you for sharing your words and the reminder that resolving life’s difficulties are just a conversation away.Image

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Fallen? Get Back Up!!!

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Don’t give up,  get back up!

At the California Women’s Conference, we listened to Bonnie St. John talk about a Para-Olympic race she was in and sustained a fall.  Every racer fell during this race with some requiring medical attention.   One other racer fell but got up quicker than St. John,  winning the gold.  The difference was down to who got up quicker.


That’s Bonnie and me backstage,  y’all!

We are not perfect creatures, we all fall.  Successful creatures GET BACK UP.  Only then can you realize your abilities and potential.  How powerful can DON’T GIVE UP, GET BACK UP be?  Watch this:

Inspiring Heather Dorniden Takes a Fall But Still…: http://youtu.be/xjejTQdK5OI

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Watch “Defining Moments – Choose your Battles.” on YouTube

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Defining Moments – Choose your Battles.:

My mother taught me early that I must choose my battles wisely, decide what issues are worth my attention and efforts.  Sometimes, you may have to lose a battle to win a war.  Here’s my story of when I finally realized the gravity of actions and consequences.


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The Doors of Destiny

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The Doors of Destiny

The doors of Destiny await, what is meant for you is the key, your belief and energy turn the lock.

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Courage is ACTION

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I was watching a video the Mrs. sent me about a graduate from Harvard Business School.  In it, the graduate spoke of Courage.  I began to reflect on the various challenges I’ve come across and how Courage played a part.  There were countless times I was told I’d lose the ability to walk, but Courage changed that.  I remember the evil that was pervasive in my old career, but Courage got me through, and even got my job back.  I recall fighting my introversion (still do) in speaking to people, but Courage made a way and allowed me to make a difference in my life and others.  

Simply put, Courage is the belief in a transformation, then taking ACTION to make it so.    

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Childless woman gives birth… twice!

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Childless woman gives birth… twice!

We all have our challenges, I am definitely no exception.  Here’s a fantastic story by my friend, Deborah Goldstein of Women’s Advancement Compact about facing challenges head on, with some help.

Yesterday I gave birth for the second time.


Panic attacks are a personal 25 year battle

Panic attacks are a personal 25 year battle

Those who know me well have heard about (and some have witnessed episodes of) my 25-year battle with panic attacks.

The full attack I endured, a mere three months ago, brought paramedics to our little apartment on Main Street in Cold Spring. As I was on the bed, laboring for breath, trying to do my breathing exercises as my brain was going foggy, I told Michael that I felt like I was in labor. He asked if I was in physical pain and my reply was “no, emotional agony”. Five minutes later, I asked him to call 911. As Michael left the room to make the call, I questioned if I’d ever see him again.

As the female paramedic came into the room, her team was prepping an oxygen mask. After a 30-second interview, Ms. McSorley confidently concluded that I did not need oxygen, and sent everyone away. She had seen dozens of these cases before, and said to me in an authoritative voice that I was safe and was going to be okay. Then she innocently asked if I was feeling undue stress lately. I began laughing and sobbing at the same time as I labored to utter ‘yes’. More would come later as she talked me down from my desperate ledge, but ‘yes’ was all my ragged breath could manage at the moment. Before I knew it, I was Me again.

In processing that terrifying day I realized that I was birthing my new business; it was quite a dreadful process. The pressure continuously building for months, the perpetual nausea and fear of uncertainty and failure found an outlet that day. One of the realizations that occurred during the self-analysis was that my brain brought this on— my brain, and my brain alone.

Fast forward to yesterday morning, a quiet Sunday on the very same street; I felt the early signs of the next panic attack. All of the symptoms came on quite suddenly, a confluence of circumstances interrupting the quiet of my workspace, as most residents of Cold Spring were hours from rising. As the familiar and devastating pattern began to reveal itself, the words of the heroic McSorley rushed back to me. “You are safe” rang through my brain. Those words proved more valuable than gold as I averted disaster all by myself.

While still frightened, I did all of the right things. I trusted that I was truly safe, I took a slow walk to reset my breathing with new confidence that I would not collapse and be found unconscious. I acknowledged the adrenaline that was pulsing through my body, and after about an hour, I knew I’d thwarted the symptoms and prevented the attack before the vital point of no return. The only real side effect: pure exhaustion for 24 hours to follow.

The two big ingredients: the paramedic’s insistence— which mimicked countless doctors over the years, and my newfound knowledge, combined to yield one immediate conclusion. I was birthing something new, but this time, it would be a seamless and beautiful occasion.

I have more processing to do, but quite a few pieces came together yesterday. I understand exactly what triggered the attack, and will continue to work with the knowledge I’ve gained about levels of energy. This is a work in progress, but I’m triumphant. Unbeknownst to me, I was a guinea pig of a future energy session, and I’m glad to be here to tell about it!

I’ve learned much about stress and its relationship to personal energy over the last few months, as the Women’s Advancement Compact has been preparing our September community event “Personal Energy: Sustainable and Abundant”. We will be exploring how stress and anxiety affect energy, in the body, and in the self. There will be something in here for everyone.

– See more at: http://www.womensadvancementcompact.com/2013/07/childless-woman-birth-twice/#sthash.Bx1VGVDL.UIt9yTA7.dpuf

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Courage Under Fire

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We all start off dreaming.  Some dreams big, some small, but they are the clue in which direction to take our heart.  As we get older, there are things that take a bite out of our dreams, reducing them cruelly with the concept of “reality”.  Our hearts, which once flew, are grounded, sometimes with anchors.  Why fight reality?

I love the movie Finding Nemo!  Apart from the moving performance by Ellen DeGeneres, there is a story of encouragement, and taking risks in spite of the nay-sayers around you.  Reality does not permit for growth.  Dreams make you grow, because they make you look at life beyond what your eyes can see.  Dreams are your heart and soul, talking to your mind.  Dreams pave new roads.

With so many benefits, why are people afraid to follow their dreams?  Get ready for the answer…

False Evidence Appearing Real.  FEAR.

Risk is scary.  It requires you to embrace shaky ground and uncertainty.  So people stay in reality, in comfort zones, content with wherever they are in life.  Not everyone is a full on adventurer, but without adventure in some aspect of your life, YOU ARE NOT LIVING, YOU ARE MERELY EXISTING IN MEDIOCRITY.

I talked much of my houseguest, friend and sister, Afsheen.  I’ve learned a bit more what courage looks like through her, as well as humility.  I’ve learned more about being concerned about challenges, but never giving ground to FEAR.  It takes a bold move to erase FEAR.  It takes courage.

COURAGE – Keeps you moving forward.

COURAGE – Lets you see the difference between legitimate concern and FEAR.

COURAGE – Keeps your dreams alive and makes them come true.

COURAGE – Brings hope to others.

COURAGE – Opens up new, beautiful worlds.

Courage is that defining moment when you stand tall, no matter the pain, no matter what is thrown your way, and demand that life be greater.

Thanks to Blackman’s Cycles for the Can-Am Spyder test drive!!!  Now, back to work.




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