Surprises, Our story part 2

Posted on July 18, 2015. Filed under: My Lemon Recipes |

At the kitchen table this afternoon:

Jann: So, am I a stalker?
Me: Absolutely.  I say it all the time.
Jann: No, I’m determined.


I’ve never had a clearly defined “type” that I’m attracted to.  I didn’t date until well after high school.  I gravitated towards athletes, mostly because it was common ground, male and female.  As time went on, I noticed two things.  I was attracted to people who could hold conversation on a wide range of topics, and I seemed to have a different level of intensity based on gender.  Any other factors were a mixed bag.  Black, White, British, Argentinean,  redhead, blonde, Hindu, Jewish, cougar, babycakes, tall, petite. With my short attention span, could you keep my interest?

I finally got the courage to call.   I looked at her picture. Why was I so afraid? Enough of this! I dialed her number and prepared my voice to be as high pitched and upbeat as possible. I heard voice on the other line say hello. In my brightest bubbly voice  I said hello and that I was glad to finally get to speak to her.  Janet responded that it was notna good time to talk and that I’d have to call later.  She abruptly hung up the phone on me.

(Insert appropriate curse words)

To say I felt dejected and rejected would be an understatement.   I seemed to have built myself up for nothing.  After enduring so much pain, I didn’t want to be hurt anymore, but that’s not realistic.   I was still attending a backbiting church and my ex was my roommate.  Within that year I lost my beloved grandmother and my best friend, my dad.  Being lonely is a beast all its own. I quietly cried.

The phone rang.  The number was blocked, but I picked up anyway.  It was Janet!

She apologized for not being able to talk.  I spoke softly, trying to mask my emotional state.  As the conversation went on, it felt like I was reconnecting with a childhood friend.  She was an 80’s kid like me. We sang songs.  We talked about movies.  We liked similar foods.  The list went on.  Finally, we had to hang up and noticed our first call lasted 3 hours!  She held my attention and I couldn’t remember the last time I was that happy.  She was on the other side of the world, but I’ve never had anyone captivate my heart like her. 

This is why the 18th of every month is so special.   Tonight, we are celebrating 131 months of connection.  That 10 yrs and 11 months.  

The reason she initially hung up? She thought I was a man! Asian women are not known for deep, resonate voices. You can read part 3 of this story July 24.

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