3 days, Our story part 1

Posted on July 15, 2015. Filed under: My Lemon Recipes |

11 years ago today, I received an invitation that frightened me. I guess I should give some background.

In 2003, I was in a relationship. During a women’s Bible study meeting, my then partner made an announcement to the group and to me. She stated, ” I’m no longer gay”.   Well, I was shocked, but absolutely unprepared for what occurred next. The women in bible study jumped up from their seats and ran to my now former partner. They threw their arms around her and congratulated her, one sitting next to me stated that she was glad my former partner was out from that lifestyle. 

I found out later that the church ladies had been secretly taking my former partner out on dates after church services, while we were still a couple.

I gave myself a year to heal.

After a year of spiritual healing and growth, I felt it was time to reconnect. I went to a personal site and put up my ad, looking for friends.  I received a response, however without a paid membership, I had no way to interact with this person. I was so curious about her. I kept asking why someone from the Philippines would want to contact me. I tried to circumvent the system, which was disastrous. Finally I made a leap of faith. I took a look at my limited financial resources (retired, on temporary disability), and bought a membership. 

We started corresponding immediately. What a breath of fresh air this new person was! I would never have dreamed that someone on the other side of the world would have so much in common with me. I looked forward to our emails and little messages. Things were going great until July 15 2004. That’s the day that this wonderful new person emailed her phone number and asked me to call her.

I’ve been bitten, stabbed, a chair broken over my back, a stick broken over my head. For 3 days, I was petrified to pick up the phone and call. Why???

I’ll see you on July 18.  3 days from now.

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