Love365, day 30

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OK.  You’ve been warned.


I’ll post Rumi quotes Saturday and Sunday.
I had a scare last January.   Somehow in my sleep, I rested my foot on the portable radiator in the room and gave myself a second degree burn. I also lost my toenail.  Not good for a type 2 diabetic, foot injuries often lead to amputations.   I watched month after month of my foot not healing, until one day.  I was changing out of my clothes when a foul odor got my attention.  It was my foot.  I was experiencing sepsis. I started getting mouth abscesses from the toxins building up inside my body. I could see sinews. I increased my home remedies, terrified and untrusting of the medical community that almost drugged my life away.  I had to get better for a trip in May and I managed to make it, my wound still not healed.

Then everything changed.

After 4 months of an open wound, the wound healed completely in the following 4 weeks.  Completely.   4 weeks.  What was different? I met some folks that increased my exposure to positivity!   I got daily well wishings, laughs, and good vibes.   It was the extra boost my body needed.  Instead of 18 months, my toenail grew back in 6.

I love surrounding myself with positive people. If there is a part of you that needs healing, physical, mental or emotional,  check your entourage and increase your daily dose of vitamin positive people.

WARNING. …….. 4 images from injury to restoration.

Last chance………






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