Choose wisely.

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This is a pain patch.  Synthetic opium.   My last pain patch.  2004.

It sits in the cabinet as a reminder of once was.  I originally was on 75 mcg, three times the amount of my initial dosing.  It will never be used.


  I showed Jenny Craig the patch when she stayed with us last week.  I recalled my path of pain from age 9 to today, but stopped at one crucial point after my retirement. 

Most of my doctors said I would be in a wheelchair at an early age.  They gave me medications on top of medications to ease the pain.  I became a zombie, in pain.  I was alive, but not living.

One day, I felt dizzy.  I remember going to the doctor and her telling me to go to the emergency room.   The next and only thing I remember is being on a stretcher with lines and tubes in me.  The cocktail of hydrocodone, bextra, vioxx, avandia, fentanyl, relafen, neurontin and so many other meds had taken a toll.  The medical staff never told me what happened.

Life changed.  I took it back.

Life will happen to all of us.  We control our response.   We choose the path.


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