Certificate of Authenticity

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This is my driving companion, Yoda, a gift from Dr. Judy Kuriansky when we went to Newtown CT.  Yoda talks nonstop,  but we smile, especially when he says “Do or do not. There is no try.”.  What a profound statement, even more, what a great gift from a wonderful friend!  Hearing his words are the affirmations and reminders we need, and quite timely.  It’s amazing when you have someone genuine in your corner.

Recently,  I experienced both sides of the genuineness coin. I had one person attempt to be someone they were not, which revealed itself in short time.  I always felt like I was on shaky ground with them and it made for uncomfortable moments.  As time went on, I bore the brunt of bitterness. I learned a long time ago not to let anything interfere with my authentic self.

I also experienced someone who was open and genuine.  They approached me with their authentic self and we now share a beautiful connection.  My spirits are lifted and the thought of that person brings a smile.  Jann often cautions me on my approach to people because I can run hot or cold.  I prefer to be warm and inviting, but can be fiercely protective if I sense danger.   This is me and has always been the authentic me.

People want to be accepted, and some go through great lengths to attract acceptance, including pretending to be someone they’re not.   When all is quiet, you are faced with your true self. If what you’re doing does not match your being,  you’ll know.  Eventually,  others will know. 

The most useful you is the true you.

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4 Responses to “Certificate of Authenticity”

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It’s truly amazing that a simple concept such as ‘be the true you’ is one of the most feared by many. Wonderful meeting you today at such a successful event. Look forward to being in touch again next week. All the best, Suparna

True self left on the shelf
Like jars of coins, wasted wealth.
True self lost at sea
My life boat is my true identity.
True self my oldest friend.
You’ll be with me till’ the end

It was great meeting you last night! All the best to you!


I love it! Jars of coins, wasted wealth sitting on the shelf.

Connie, This is so true, very beautifully expressed, and profound. I am so delighted to be your friend, and greatly appreciate your authenticity and your devotion to your friends and loved ones. I am so moved by the memory of our trips to Newtown after the tragedy, and how this was your loving idea; how honored that you called me about it, and we made those trips for so many days with you at the helm. We shared such an intense time. You offered your heart in such a beautiful way, as you do. The memory of our time together brings tears to my eyes from being so touched, and the thought of Yoda in your car as your travel companion brings a big smile! Indeed, I love that we stopped at the store and I found him! His saying :Do or do not, there is no try” is my mantra… one that is prominent in my first classes I teach and something I remind myself of all the time. I love that you love him too.

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