Shield or Sword?

Posted on November 14, 2012. Filed under: My Lemon Recipes |

Happy Fall!   I’ve been away from MLP for 3 months and quite a bit has occurred.   I will give a quick rundown of events before I plunge into Shield or Sword.

I started a new company, took part in a women’s conference, did a soft launch of a new women’s initiative, heard my lovely Wife speak at 2 events (which she rocked), met really cool and interesting people, and reconnected with dear old friends.  I helped put together an event  I survived a nor’easter and a superstorm.  Here I am. Here I go.

My mother often said ” You have to pick and choose your battles.”.   It was a tough pill to swallow during my career.  Many times, I came across situations where I wanted to do something, but weighed the consequences of taking action.  Many times, I had to walk away from situations.

What was the deciding factor?  Well……………………. that’s my business.

What matters is that there are some situations that will call upon you to pick up a sword and fight.  Then there will be situations that require you to pick up a shield and protect yourself from damage.  You have to know your worth: what you’re worth to others and what you are worth to self.

Janet and I were drinking some coffee when I remembered one incident.

<this part is edited>

I previously went into detail about the incident, but chose to delete it.  Most of the time, I write in the heat of the moment in one shot.  With so much going on, I stopped and came back.  When I reviewed my post, I found the background story distracting, so I checked myself (before I wrecked myself!).  I also just read a story from an old friend about his being cyberbullied.   The message still comes down to picking and choosing your battles.  What is being presented?  What would you like to see happen?  What is the consequence of that?  Who will that consequence affect?  Where will it leave you in your search for your destiny?

Where will it leave you in your search for your destiny?

It may sound selfish at the onset, but how good will you be for others if you are not good to yourself?  Even in extreme cases (let’s take Gandhi), he operated in a way (non-violently) that was in the best interest of the people and himself (he was frail and would not have reached as many people as he did if he tried to strongarm).  This slight man saw the birth of 3 nations, changed the direction of the US (Bayard Rustin learned from Gandhi, then Rustin taught MLK Jr.) and still inspires to this day.

Picking up sword or shield, or which sword or shield, is no easy matter.  Your vision must reach beyond tomorrow and your actions rest in today.   Your choices shape your destiny and define your legacy.

Choose wisely.

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