3 Reasons: Keep Women Free

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I’m listening to Michael Baisden and he’s touching on a topic close to home.  I spent over a decade in law enforcement, and I have to shoot off three observations as to why incarceration rates are rising with women, especially women of color.

  1. Crimes against Women unrecognized.  Some women are victims of crimes that are mishandled by authorities.  Often you will have a human trafficking victim drugged by her captors, then put out on the street.  It’s easy to arrest a drugged prostitute, even when the prostitute is a minor.  Those b*tches and h@3s are the women and girls that were failed.  CLUE:  Little girls don’t play “turn tricks” with their Barbies.  Don’t leave out women who were victims of abuse who fought back after their complaints were ignored by authorities.  They end up with the assault charges, or risk being killed when the violence against them escalates.  The violence ALWAYS escalates.  The Criminal Justice System needs to support and not prosecute victims.
  2. Community Support.  When you don’t have community infrastructure, life is an uphill battle.  Computer programs, gardens, vocational trainings, faith based support, and crime victim resources can help. Support by successful members of the community, such as Big Brothers/Big Sisters and business groups can make an impact.
  3. Support at Home.  Today, there was a story about a mother incensed at an award issued by her daughter’s teacher.  The award was for ” The Catastrophe Award, the most excuses for not having homework”.  The mother said she did not know there was a problem, but that the daughter was enrolled in an after-school “homework assistance program”.  Ya know what my homework assistance program was?  A whole lot of friggin’ punishments.  PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY.  Bring a life into this world, and YOU are responsible to provide for that life, to the best of your ability.  Being a “baby factory” is not being a parent.  Give a child a chance.  All that drama with reality tv and celebrities getting locked up, AINT CUTE!  Prison fashion  (wearing your pants low, pajamas, etc) makes more people rich off your skin than you realize.  An 8 yr old cannot buy their own clothes, nor can a teenager who does not earn their own money.

This is a start, not nearly a cure.  Once again, there are more people in mental prisons than physical prisons, the mentality must be confronted.  Let’s start here then see what strides can be made.


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