Losing your job, part one

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Losing my job was one of the most character defining moments of my life.  I still look back at parts of it, and smile.  Allow me to explain.

As a law enforcement officer, I lived by the mantra Firm, Fair and Consistent.   It let the inmates know where I stood, as well as the staff.  When people ask me about my challenges, I tell them it was not the inmates as it was the officers and supervisors working around me.  Some of my co-workers felt it was OK to be abusive to the inmates AND other officers, physically, mentally, and sexually.  I strongly and emphatically disagreed, and felt it was my duty as a human being to stand against this treatment when done in my presence.  I already cemented my reputation when I reported the actions of a lieutenant, then was brought up on a charge of conspiracy to commit attempted murder.

Yes, they tried to bring me up on attempted murder charges.

So began a wild roller coaster ride with the NJDOC.  I hated the lies and corruption.  I hated the fake investigations, the phone tapping, the breaking into my apartment to dig for evidence I had for the Department of Justice.  There’s a list of dirty deeds they perpetrated against me and it weighed down on me like lead and concrete overalls.  I hated to go to work, and it showed in a string of tardiness.

That’s what got me fired.  I had 2 one minute lates and 1 two minute late in one month, on top of a few other lates during that year.  I had documentation for two of them, which mysteriously disappeared from my representative’s file at courtline.  A few days later, at roll call, I did not hear my name.  A sergeant walked over to me and told me the administrative lieutenant wanted to see me.  When I walked into his office, I saw the three supervisors and the paperwork.  They were terminating my employment.

The lieutenant, who was also one of the entities I complained about, told me to relinquish my badge and my ID.  I complied.  He then added, please turn in your protective vest at a later date.  Why would I wait for later date, when right now was fine by me?   I felt that vest on me.  It was the symbol of those lead and concrete overalls.  It was so heavy, so hot, so itchy.  I wanted it off and all the ugliness it represented.  I wanted to break free, even if I didn’t know where tomorrow would take me.  I had ENOUGH.

I stood up, moved to the middle of his office and said TAKE IT NOW!!!! The vest was the type that goes under your clothes, so I began taking off my clothes in his office.  I undid my belt and pants (they started screaming NO! NO!!!), then I unbuttoned my shirt, taking it off.  I then grabbed for the velcro straps of my vest, ripping the vest off with the angriest striptease ever and tossed the vest down on the extremely red-faced lieutenant’s desk.  That day without question, I walked out with my head high and a smile on my face.   I was free, and they knew I was a 48D Playtex 18 hour.

What were they going to do… fire me?

(Links for part 2: https://morelemonsplease.com/2012/05/17/losing-your-job-part-two-23/ )



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Where’s part 2?

Alas, I have homework to finish, but the wait will be over soon.

Quite interesting…as Carmen suggested, awaiting part 2

Part two and part 3 (the conclusion) are already up. 😀

Awesome job Po Po Peak

Yes, I threw my chest out!

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