Leading a horse to water…

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This is my favorite horse breed, Friesian.  They are Dutch Warmbloods, handsome, graceful, powerful with wavy hair.  Take note of the fuzzy feet, the “feathers” are a sign of draft horse heritage.  They’re big, 17 hands.  You could lead them to water, but you CAN’T make them drink it!

I’ve learned that I can’t make anyone or anything drink the water.  If I’m lucky, I can influence, or persuade them to drink, but I can’t make the act happen.

This is the difference between MOTIVATIONAL and INSPIRATIONAL.  I can inspire, but it takes YOU to move.  So when you pick up a book, or listen to a speaker, are they forcing you to drink, or are they telling you how cool and nourishing the water is?

Inspiration is the outside connecting with the inside.  Motivation is you, on the move, drinking.  Class dismissed.

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One Response to “Leading a horse to water…”

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It’s a great point. It can be very frustrating to not be able to get “the horse” to drink and can force us to try to force something to happen. In the end though we need to take a closer look at why we have fallen short on the inspiration piece.

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