Taking things in stride…

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That’s me in high school.  When I entered high school, I was mildly anti-social.  The first part of freshman year, I would occasionally use a cane to walk, which kept me out of many activities.  During lunchtime, I sat alone, but somehow became attached to a group of European Portuguese students (yay for my multicultural town!).  They noticed that as a staple, I ate a lot of cookies, hence the nickname, Cookie Monster.  I was of good sport.

As other cultures often do, they speak in their native tongue first, and this nickname was no exception.  I struggled to learn this new word, practicing it among my new friends until they told me I got it right.  I was their mascot, they were my fan club.  The only thing we had in common was the pile of cookies they placed on my tray like an offering to appease the gods.  They smiled, I smiled, all were happy, me love cookies.

I ran into a cousin of one of my lunch buddies after high school.  I told her how I missed her cousin and told her of my lunch buddies’ nickname for me.  Proudly, I said my nickname loud and clear!  The cousin face changed, she seemed mortified.  She asked me to repeat the name, I figured it was a slight mispronunciation.  I repeated the name softer, and added, “I was their Cookie Monster!”.  The cousin said, “OK.  What you meant was BOLACHA, which means cookie.”.  I responded, ” Oops, thanks for the correction.  What was it I’ve been saying?  They told me the first way is correct.”.

Apparently, I had been saying a European Portuguese word for FELLATIO.

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Brilliant!!! 🙂 I Luv it…and luv all c00kie mostaz 😀

[…] that know me, and those that have viewed my post, Taking Things In Stride ( https://morelemonsplease.com/2012/03/19/taking-things-in-stride/ ) know I like my cookies.  My father used to go to the bakery and pick up cookies that were 6 […]

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