GLUTTONY – It’s what’s for dinner!

Posted on October 6, 2011. Filed under: My Lemon Recipes |

This is a slight rant.  Yesterday, I came across an interesting situation.  Jann, her uncle, and I went out for dinner.  We weren’t overly hungry, but wanted to snack on some unique soup and their signature paella.  When the manager came over, we gave our order, requesting only one order of paella for the three of us.  As I began to tell why the small order, he snatched the menu from me, walked away, then threw the menus down on the counter.

Jann’s  uncle, a very well traveled medical professional, explained earlier how what is usually served in the US as a plate for one, is enough for 3 in Europe.  As time, and weight loss, has gone by, I don’t eat as much.  This was not an exercise in “let’s eat euro”, but people wanting to enjoy some cuisine and not overeat.  Jann and I eat there about 10x a year, and we do “stand out” from the rest of the clientele.   The guy sees us every visit.  We’ve been sharing out food there for over a year now, and they serve HUGE plates of food.

Eat too much, eat too little.  Damned if you do…

So we ate until we were satisfied, took the rest home.  I am having about 1/3 of the leftovers now for lunch.  There is enough for 2 side dishes left.  I am forgiving, we may go back, but dare he show such disdain again, he may receive a surprising response.

For now, the paella goes well with lemonade.  Cheers!

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