Erecting a fence, part two

Posted on September 15, 2011. Filed under: My Lemon Recipes |

Houseguests.  Sometimes they are a dream, sometimes a nightmare.  Let’s start a tale of two guests.

One guest came over for dinner. It was a laid-back moment, and they asked why the lawnmower was out the shed.  I informed them that it was broken, but I’d get around to fixing it.  They jumped up and said they love fixing lawnmowers!  Fixed it right quick, better than before the break.  They left and said if I needed any help, call on them.  This person came into my life and enriched it, I am so grateful.  When people come into your life that do good, or have good in their heart towards you, KEEP THEM.

The next house guest came over for dinner.  Sometimes, people have different customs, so you try to find an even ground.  This guest put their feet up on your furniture, didn’t flush the toilet, kicked your cat, went through your personal items.  Then they impose on your neighbors by pissing in their flower bed (yeah I said it).  At this point, Jann and I vary on the response.  Sometimes, people make mistakes, any of those scenarios could fall into that category.

What happens when it’s deliberate?  What do you do when people intentionally hurt?

Sometimes, you get lousy houseguests.  Life has taught me that my time here is short, and that I need to make the most out of it.  That being said, my take is not to invite them back.  This world is full of good guests, push the bad ones out the way so there is room for the truly deserving.  A good guest makes you decorate, makes you want to bake cookies for them, cut flowers, buy a new teapot with funky Stash teas, and spoil them to the hilt to show your appreciation.  Good guests motivate you towards good.  Bad guests make things miserable.  Forgive accidents when they happen, but recognize when the toxic behavior is no accident.

Bad guests are toxic.  Purge.  Don’t you know the good energy has been waiting to come in?

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