Erecting a fence, part one

Posted on May 3, 2011. Filed under: My Lemon Recipes |

Today,  Bowie the Karelian Bear Dog is outside barking his head off.  As I looked out the window, sure enough, there were some kids passing through the back part of our property.  My guy has a wicked loud bark, and he stomps his feet to get at… well whatever he wants to get at!  It’s seldom that I quiet him when he barks, I need him to give a warning  for us, and for whatever he sees as a threat.  Until we get around to fencing our property, he’s the visible and vocal boundary.

Fences are a great thing.  They establish boundaries for those who want in, and for those wanting to contain items to protect.    One life changing moment in my life was when I was introduced to Cloud and Townsend’s Boundaries.

Let’s talk Boundaries.

Your mind, body, and soul are precious.  Let’s  compare them to some objects in the home:  all your financials, a jewelry box, and … a loved one!  (Yeah, I can be extreme).    Now, remove your door locks.  Remove the doors to your house.  Open all the windows.  Post your address online, advertising the openness of your home.  That may sound a little nutty, but that’s the point.  Some would think it mad to put your valuables out in the open, like placing all the cash from your paycheck on your dashboard and leaving the car windows down.  However, some of us do that with our hearts, our energies, our very lives.

Recently, I made a difficult decision.  What made it easier was when I substituted valuables.  There is a part of me that is precious and priceless to not only me, but to those around me.  To put it in perspective, I have a diamond I dug up.  I had the diamond appraised, and the value is off the chart.  When it’s perfected and sold, the amount it will fetch will pay the bills, feed everyone around me, and financially, there will be no more want for anything.

There’s a knock on the door .  Someone comes in and says they need to have THAT diamond.  They tell you they just want a piece, but if it’s fragmented, you know the diamond will lose it worth.  This person has taken diamonds from you before, and they ended up damaged, leaving you at a loss.  Now, you have the worth of the big diamond, and you have buyers lined up for a huge payday.  The person insists that you are being selfish, and that the best practice is to grant them their request.   They may even challenge the level of your caring, saying that if you love them, you’ll give them the diamond.

I informed the person that I worked hard digging up the diamond, taking care not to mis-handle it.  I informed them that this diamond is quite valuable and will help many, and that I was not willing to compromise it benefits.  I told them that once the process runs its course, I would assist them in getting digging tools, and teach them to find their own diamonds.

My offer was rejected.

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