A fish out of water

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I had a dream I was back at my old job.  Some would call this a nightmare, but I found things pretty well under control.  It is, after all, MY dream.  In the dream, I was walking around with a certain air of confidence.  Everyone knew me and vice versa.  There were a few twists that didn’t exist in the real world, but I was able to navigate these changes with ease.  There was even a moment of “potty humor” that may have signaled “this is your dreamscape moment of embarrassment”, but that was taken in stride.  I woke up.  What does it all mean?

I have no clue.

What did happen is that I started to reflect on the real story.  When I was growing up, my social interaction skills… needed improvement.  I was a quiet, outspoken, loner.  Yes, I was know to come to the rescue of someone in distress, but once the deed was done, I retreated to my little world, my beloved critters waiting for me.    During high school, I was forced to interact more, which I admit, was a good thing.  Strangely, I made friends with contemporaries from other schools, thanks to the Queen of Let’s Get Social, my Mom.  Both of my parents are extroverts.  most of my family members are extroverts.  They seemed bent on converting me, but I always felt like a fish out of water trying to be outgoing.

During my track and field days, I met a lot of people and was forced to make friends (thanks Mom and Dad).  I learned that competition was not to be taken personally, but my performance and how I treated others was personal. After high school, my path crossed many of them.  In college,  rivals became some of my best friends (shout outs to MaryAnn Flanagan and Joanne Lesko).  When I entered law enforcement,  I was greeted by another (heya Chris Williams).  I moved into a town on the other side of the state, and BUMPED into one of my fiercest rivals (Swifty Rachel Swift).  Even into my latest incarnation, I see I’ll meet up with an old friend from a rival school in September (Michelle Gadsden-Williams, one of the record setting Gadsden Twins!).  During all of this, a greater lesson was learned (saving the juicy details for my book) .

I learned to be expressive, I learned to appreciate people,  and I learned to enjoy life more.  When I was thrust into the polar opposite world of law enforcement, God’s grace and these skills kept me alive.  They kept those under my care alive.  They kept the supervisors and officers I assisted (and sometimes rescued) alive.  Today, that spirit continues in the work I do.

Maybe there is something you feel like is not a fit for you.  Somethings are just not meant to be.  What if one of those things is actually something you are supposed to own, but just haven’t had the right exposure?  You could be missing out on a whole new world, and a life of purpose and meaning!  There are clues all around, direct and indirect.   New and unknown can be frightening, but give yourself some credit and venture out of your comfort zone!  You can do it, and the world will be better for it.


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