Believing IS Seeing

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A few days ago, Janet and I went to visit our mother.  During our adventure, Mom saw one of my classmates (who reminds me of my brother) walking down the street, deep into his Blackberry.  I slowly walked into his pathway until we collided.  Poor guy, I didn’t mean to bump him that fiercely!  An area attorney, he always had a gentle demeanor, and this day was no exception.   Once the shock was over, we laughed and gave quick how-do-you-do’s.

(I do feel bad about that, so here is my shameless plug of forgiveness.) Councilman Kenneth Gonzalez, you’ve always been a good soul, and the Blackberry Bump Incident is another example of your graciousness.

He asked what I was doing and I briefly told him of my United Nations activities.  He was shocked, as my academic and career paths wouldn’t exactly have led me down this road.  “How did you end up doing that?” he asked.  I smiled as I reflected on the answer.

Fast forward.  Thursday, Janet and I attended the after party for the White House Project’s Epic Awards and had a great time.  During our time together, we discussed issues of motivation.  I had just tweeted a quote from the founder of the White House Project, Marie C. Wilson “You can’t be what you can’t see.”.  As we contemplated the many revelations of the night, we heard the knock out blow:

Sight is not what you see, it’s what you dream.

As children, we are taught it’s acceptable to dream, to make believe.  We would weave the threads and envision new realities.  Somewhere along the way, that stopped for a lot of people, heartbreaking indeed.  My present success is due to the grace granted me to reinvent myself.  Reinventing self is what you learned as a child in your land of make-believe.  When you believed in those things, you then started to get a clearer picture of how that dream would fit you, and become reality.   So many have forgotten the magic of a dream, and miss the vision of their greatness within that.

How does a girl from the bay start an Executive Coaching firm in Asia, become a director of a Filipino-Chinese chapter of Japanese non-profit, be in General Consultative Status with the United Nations, travel around the world, dj internationally, design humanitarian programs, and mentor young and old?  I dreamt it.  I believed in it.  Then, I saw myself being it.

Believing is seeing.

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