Busy… is good!

Posted on April 3, 2011. Filed under: My Lemon Recipes |

After retiring from my last career (yes, I said it), I was at a loss for my next direction in life.  I had molded my life to assist others, but now it was time for me.  On top of that, I had left a relationship that wasn’t the best for me.  In between paychecks, single and loathing it, and no visible options for my next move… what to do?

Sometimes, life throws wicked curve balls AT EVERYONE.  While you may see the duck gliding softly across the water, underneath the surface they are paddling for dear life.   I’ve found the worst thing when dealing with an issue is isolation.  “Why does this happen to me” is the theme song for self destruction, because it isolates.  This is not the same as taking a moment to sit and reflect by yourself, which is healthy.

At that moment, I knew that others had been in lousy boats, and that I was no exception.  What I did was take inventory of me and instead of viewing life as one closed door after another, I started tugging at those doors, and the windows nearby!  Something eventually opened, and the chain reaction has not stopped.

I keep myself busy, because I have not forgotten what it felt like when I had nothing.   Within that, I found a way to help my own healing, a way to still assist others, and keep a therapeutic  balance.

When my father passed, my mother started saying a daily prayer:  that she would find a way to help at least one person each day.  She refused to isolate herself while taking the time to self inventory.  Today, I have to make an appointment just to see her.  Sometimes, she gets so busy, she doesn’t return my calls until the next day (me, her baby!).  Sometimes, I don’t get back to her for several days, because I’m busy, of course.   I remind her this was her prayer for me too, and that she should be careful what she wishes for.  After a laugh, we share what we’ve done with our lemons to lemonade, and how a meaningful balance of busy is a lovely sweetener.


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