When life gives you lemons…smile and blog your heart out!

Posted on September 25, 2010. Filed under: My Lemon Recipes |

I finally ran out of excuses not to join the blogosphere! I’ve been wanting to blog my heart out for what feels like centuries — I was just very good at finding excuses of delaying it.  Well, today my well of excuses finally dried up — and so here I am — hello humans of the 21st century!

Why “more lemons please”?  Good question.  At one point in your existence here on planet earth I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of the saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!”

This is where we start.

I don’t know what your take on this saying is — and trust me I’ve read a gazillion of funny, witty, crazy twists such as, “when life gives you lemons… take as much as you can and sell ’em on e-bay!”  I liked that one.

What’s my personal take on the saying?

When negative things get thrown your way, be it a challenging life situation, a negative comment, a setback, a loss … get up, smile and turn these challenges into positive, life-changing opportunities for you and for others!

There you have it.  So now we go back to your question — why “more lemons please”?  Because this blog will talk about and share with you so many everyday, real-life stories of common human beings like you and me who have triumphed and came out victorious in life — by turning tart lemons thrown their way into sweet lemonade!  (and then some!)

So I guess I’m really blogging now.  Honestly, it  feels good and fun — and  I might just get used to this!

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